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Apple iPad mini with Retina Display Review

If there's any one product that embodies Apple's entire product philosophy, it's the iPad mini with Retina Display. This is not a tablet that's designed to go head to head with cheaper slates like the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. With its crazy sharp 2048 x 1536-pixel screen and speedy 64-bit A7 chip, the mini is actually every bit the premium tablet that the new iPad Air is -- just in a more portable size. Still, it's very rare for Apple to increase the price on any device from one generation to the next. The new mini costs $399 (for 16GB), up from $329, or a good $170 more than the most popular 7-inch Android tablets. Is this beefy-on-the-inside, small-on-the-outside iPad truly in a class of its own?

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Review

Amazon's Kindle Fire line has always been about putting gobs of great content at your fingertips, and now you can add tech help to that list. For the first time on any tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX provides guidance from a live adviser with the tap of a button. This 7-inch Android slate has a lot more going for it, including a sleeker new design, superfast Snapdragon 800 processor and superior full-HD display. After spending some quality time with the HDX, it's easy to see why Amazon has done enough to make this one of the very best 7-inch tablets.

The shape of the Kindle Fire HDX definitely is more interesting than your average black rectangular tablet. Unlike the Kindle Fire HD -- which has soft, rounded corners -- every edge of the HDX is angled, offering an aerodynamic aesthetic look.

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Review

With its second 7-inch Android device, Google just served notice on the tablet makers of the world. Again. The new Nexus 7 (starting at $229, $269 as tested) sports an even sleeker profile than before, a high-def 1920 x 1200-pixel screen, a powerful processor and stereo speakers. It's also the first device to run Android 4.3. Is all that worth $30 more than the original? You bet it is.

The new Nexus 7 has usurped the iPad mini's long-held reign as the thinnest sub-10-inch tablet around. At 7.9 x 4.5 x 0.34 inches and 10.24 ounces, the new Nexus 7 is narrower, thinner and lighter than Apple's 8-inch tablet (7.87 x 5.3 x 0.28 inches, 11.04 ounces).
The new Nexus 7 is slightly taller, but narrower and thinner than the original Nexus 7 (7.8 x 4.7 x 0.41 inches), and almost two ounces lighter. It also cuts a slimmer profile than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7.6 x 5.4 x 0.4 inches, 13.9 ounces).

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

The supersizing trend has finally hit Finland. Nokia is going large with the Lumia 1520, a Windows Phone 8 device sporting a massive 6-inch 1080p display. But that's not the only big thing about this phone. The handset features a 20-megapixel camera and the same oversampling technology used in the Lumia 1020. The 1520 also has a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, LTE speeds on AT&T's network, and an all-day 3,400 mAh battery. If you're looking for a cross between a phone and tablet, this big-screen device offers a lot of value.


Nokia Lumia 1520This is one big phone. With the Lumia 1520, Nokia has followed the lead of pretty much every other handset maker in creating something that's too big to be held comfortably in one hand, yet too small to be considered a tablet.
With a polycarbonate back that wraps around the sides and front of the phone, the Lumia 1520 looks like a supersized version of the Lumia 925. Unlike the Lumia 1020, which has a flat top and bottom edges, every side of the 1520 is curved, making it more comfortable to grip (with two hands) in either portrait or landscape mode. The Lumia 1520 is available in matte black, glossy red, matte white, and matte yellow. We suspect that the matte finishes, like our white review unit, will do a better job at repelling fingerprints.

Top 10 Notebooks 2014

What’s the difference between a good notebook and the best ones money can buy? They deliver a great combination of design, comfort and performance for your money, but also satisfy your specific needs. For example, the best Ultrabooks should boost fast and be easy to carry, while a superior business laptop offers extra durability and security. Then there are budget notebooks, which should deliver snappy performance for everyday tasks while costing less than $500. Or Chromebooks, which require an Internet connection, but often cost less than $300. 
we review tons of laptops each year, putting each machine through a series of rigorous tests, some synthetic and some real-world. From screen brightness, audio quality and heat to speed and battery life, our writers and editors evaluate every aspect of a given system to arrive at a rating. This list of 4-star notebooks represents the best of the best in every category.

Top 10 Smartphones

Your smartphone is the one thing that never leaves your side because it can do it all. But the best smartphones do everything well. A great handset takes amazing photos, offers a bright and crisp HD screen and has enough speed to help you multitask with ease. There’s also plenty of variety out there when it comes to software and the overall user experience. That’s where we come in.
Once you’ve decided on your platform of choice–Android, iOS or Windows Phone–then it’s time to pick a device.  we test every major smartphone on the market and rate each one based on design, features, performance and battery life to help you make the right call. Here are our top 10 smartphones, ranging from the most sleek and compact handsets to the biggest phablets.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 takes Android phones to the next level with an awesome camera, innovative gesture controls and best-in-class multitasking.

Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life

With their quad-core processors and bigger screens, smartphones have never been more powerful–or more power hungry. Yes, specs and apps matter, but what good are they if you’re hunting for an outlet by lunchtime? If you want a smartphone that endures, check out the handsets that made our list. These devices lasted at least 6.5 hours on the LAPTOP Battery Test, which involves continuous web surfing over 4G at 40 percent brightness.
It's clear that LG built its latest flagship phone to last. If its blazing fast Snapdragon 800 processor wasn't enough, the G2's 3,000 mAh battery lasted a record-setting 13 hours and 44 minutes on theLAPTOP Battery Test. The AT&T version lasted 10 hours and 42 minutes, while the Verizon model lasted 9:14. All of these runtimes are great. While the back-mounted power and volume keys aren't for everyone, overall the G2 is a formidable Android phone that's built to go the distance.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sites You Can Get DP For Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger display pictures (DPs) can be used to communicate your status, mood and to express yourself when you don't feel like using your personal photo. Now that BBM is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones, many websites are been launched to offer free download of blackberry display pictures.

In this post, I've decided to share with you, websites where you can get free DPs for your BBM. Check out the sites, download the BBM avatars or BBM DP gifs that you find interesting and use them to spice up your BBM.

1. Pimp My BBM offers collection of cool display pictures for BBM: icons, animated avatars, emoticons, and Hidden BBM avatars.

The site also features some special BlackBerry tools which include Fancy Name Generator, Online Hidden Text Avatar Maker and Free Online MEP Code Generator.

If you want to add new BBM symbols to your Blackberry Messenger name, you can also copy some Fancy Characters from the site. Country Flags and hidden bbm emoticons are also available on the site for use in your BBM application.



At, you can download free avatars to use on your Blackberry messenger without having to sign up for an account on the site.

There are over 20 different categories of DPs you can download which include: funny blackberry dp, inspirational quotes DP, celebrity DP etc. You can even use the free avatars as facebook, twitter and whatsapp.

3. MyOwnDP

At, there are over 10 different categories of high quality and original DP’S you can download for free, although you will have to sign up on the site before you can download them.

2014 DPs, December Tinz, Jokes, BBM expeessions are some of the top categories. The site also features the popular display pictures for you to easily access the most downloaded DPs on the site.


At, you can get animated blackberry dp for use as your BBM dp.

There are over 15 categories of cool and engaging animated images you can download for free. Include:  hearts avatars for BBM, love animation gifs, moving gifs of christmas avatars, funny animated gifs, animated gifs of cartoons avatars, symbols, logos etc

5. BBM Animated

At, you will be able to download a Blackberry application which has a database of over 750 Cool Animated Avatars that will keep your BBM looking cool. Animated Avatars, Animation, Animated logos, Animated Dps are all available for for use as your BBM DP.

To download the app, visit from your Blackberry phone. 

 6. ThiefDP

At, you can get free funny pictures for use as bbm display picture. No categories. Just scroll through the pages of the website and click on the "download" link under any funny picture you would love to use as BBM dp.

I hope you find the list interesting.

Do you know other websites that offer free download of pictures for use as Black berry Messenger display picture?

FlashDp.Net Lets You Create Animated Gif BBM display Pictures

FlashDP is a free service that lets you spice up your BlackBerry Messenger profile by allowing you create custom animated free BBM display pictures. There is no limit to how many FlashDP's or free animated BBM display pictures you can create, and no hidden cost. You can also use the generated Flash DPs on Twitter as avatar.

At, there are different FlashDP modes you can select from. The modes include: New Year FlashDP, Blinking name, Blinking Image, Soccer Supporters, Image & Text, Music/Movie Launch, Showcase Texts, Twitter Follow Tag and Birthday Wishes.

The "Birthday wishes" mode lets you create simple simple HBD messages and distributing them to your friends on their birthdays. Its way better than just typing it as your personal message, a birthday DP goes a long way. The "Soccer supporters" mode lets you show support for your favorite football club by creating a Soccer club FlashDP that shows the team you support!

How To Create a Flash DP

  • Go to
  • Click the "Create FlashDp" button. You will see a list of different modes
  • Click on the FlashDp mode you want to create from the list. If you need to see an example of what a   free bbm display picture looks like, click the “see example” link beside the modes name
  • A new page will open, asking you to enter the name to be displayed. Enter your name and click  "Create"
  • Scroll down the page to see your free bbm display picture FlashDP  
  • Hit the “Download” button to save it to your phone.

How To Create BirthDay DP at

You can create a flash dp that complements a user on thier birthday. The flash dp can be given as custom made BBM gift.

==> Select "Birthday Wishes" from the list of modes
==> Click the "browse" button to select the celebrant photo from your device
==> Enter the celebrant name in the space provided
==> Select a birthday dp type from the drop down list and click "Create".

create birthday Dp

That's all.

Do you know other sites where one can create free animated BBM DPs?

Recommended: List of Websites Where You Can Get Free DP for BBM 

How to Browse with Etisalat BIS on Non Blackberry Devices

Finally you can browse with Etisalat BIS Plan on non Blackberry devices like computer, android, iPhone, Nokia etc. The Etisalat BIS monthly plan gives 3GB for 1000 naira and if you are lucky to have the 3G service in your area then you should be ready for the best speed ever.
This does not require any software or VPN client all you have to do is subscribe to any Etisalat Blackberry Plans and activate the Etisalat 15MB data plan for Blackberry 10 like its being done to active Airtel BIS to work on any device .

Step to Making Etisalat BIS work on all devices and computer
1. Subscribe to any Etisalat blackberry plan
For  monthly plan which goes for 1000 naira dial *499*3#
dial *499*3*1# for weekly subscription which goes for 500 naira  or *499*3*2# for daily subscription for 100 naira.

2. Now that you have successfully subscribed to any of the Etisalat BlackBerry plan just recharge an extra 100 naira credit dial *599*3*2# and you will be given 15MB of data which will automatically be added to you BIS data and now will work all together on any device.
3. Finally you have to set your modem up to connect via the blackberry apn:�
4. Drop your testimony in the comment box below and remember to like our Facebook page for updates.

How to Check if Your Tecno Phone and Battery are Original

This will show you how to check if your Tecno Phone and battery are original or fake, since Tecno phones are becoming very popular the need to be sure you have the original phone and battery is very necessary as imitations of the Tecno batteries are now becoming available in the market, i am yet to know of the fake Tecno phones but i am sure they are also available in the market which was the sole reason why Tecno Mobile has decided to help in identifying the genuineness of their products.

How to Check the Genuineness of your Tecno Phone
1. Get your IMEI and VC number from your phone (its at the back of the phone when you remove the battery or on the phone pack)
2. Visit
3. Type in the IMEI and VC of your Tecno phone
4. Click submit to now check if your tecno phone is genuine or fake
5. Now you will see the result of the check if your Tecno Phone is original or fake
How to Check the Genuineness of your Tecno Battery
1. Remove your battery and copy out the serial number (SN)
2. Visit
3. Type in your Serial Number/SN of your Tecno battery
4. Click submit
5. Now you will see if your Tecno battery if original or fake
Hint: if you are going to buy a Tecno phone, go with an internet enabled phone so you can check the phones genuineness before buying it, IMEI are also on the pack so you dont have to open it before checking.

MTN GLO Etisalat Airtel Data Plans for Android Devices

Android users lately are been faced with the problem of which data plan to use on their data sucking devices. Yes it is no news that android devices uses much of data for internet and our internet service providers are not ready to give android users any good and cheap mobile data plan.
I am just trying to give you the near cheap data plans from all the major internet service providers which you can review and compare yourself  to help you make the right choice of a data plan for your android device.
Please Note: The first think to consider when making a data plan choice is research how good a particular network is in your neighborhood, this is very important, for example if Airtel Nigeria decides to sell 1Gb of data for 100Naira and all you have is EDGE in your area for Airtel , then you will just waste your 100 Naira because you will not be able to do anything with it. EDGE is already yesterday’s technology and even it is important to know the speed of 3G/WCDMA/UMTS/HSDPA in your area if you have one, because some are as bad as EDGE.

How to get 4GB Data Plan for N1500 on Airtel for 2 Months

This will show you how to get 4GB of data for just 1500 Naira on Airtel Nigeria for 2 months, Note again, it is not unlimited but 4GB and works well on Computer PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and pretty much every internet devices.
  1. Load 1500 Naira Airtel credit
  2. Now dial *440*161#
    (If it tells you that you are not eligible or the code didnt work then your SIM will not work for this you can dial *440*16# and you will be given 2GB instead for N1500)
Yes! That’s all, you now have 4GB To check your data balance , dial *141*712*0#
The plan might not work yet on your device, so load an extra N100 naira airtel credit then activate 10MB plan by dialing *141*11*1#.
It works well with airtel’s default internet settings:
username: internet
password: internet

Airtel unveils BBM bundle for Android

With all the excitement of having the BBM on your Android and iOs devices, Airtel Nigeria is offering you the opportunity to take up a bundle plan at very affordable rates just for BBM alone! This is a first of its kind.
Airtel has just announced a plan to take care of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on Android and iPhones making them the first to provide such a service in Nigeria, also Airtel is the only network provider who has allowed its Blackberry plans to be usable even on none blackberry devices like android, iphones and even on computer.
This new Blackberry Messenger plan comes with unlimited access to BBM, so you can enjoy Pinging on your android and iPhone for less and no fear of exhausting your data.

PlanRetail Price(N)Validity(daysDial USSD CodeSMS code to 440
BBM Monthly30030*440*22#mbbm
BBM Weekly2007*440*23#wbbm
BBM Daily1001*440*24#dbbm
To check subscriptions statusstatus
It is to be noted that all the plans are unlimited but can only power your BBM, so for internet access for browsing the net on your device you will need an extra plan.